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More than 4 years in development, by one of the world's top iPod/iPhone developers, Conference Companion is ideal for your conference, congress, exhibition, trade show, convention or film festivals.

It’s a game changer.
It’s environmentally responsible.
Once you experience it,
you will never go back.
Now conference organizers and corporate event managers are empowered to "go green" by producing a Paperless Plus TM meeting.

Initially deployed as an iOS App on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad; and now on recent Android and BlackBerry devices via Mobile Web Browsers, Conference Companion lowers meeting costs, improves service, engages attendees, generates additional advertising revenue and delights sponsors.

Conference Companion is founded on seven simple ideas:

Imagine all the critical information for a successful conference: meeting program, floor plans, PowerPoint presentations, posters, papers, videos, exhibitor product literature, local maps, shuttle bus schedules … every tool you need for a memorable, profitable event, stored on a device that fits in the palm of your attendee's hand. Imagine all that material going home with the attendee in a useful, searchable and regularly updated form thus forming the basis for year round relationships.

Imagine all that information locally stored on the device and updated automatically, over a wireless network, surrounded by state-of-the-art search tools. Attendees select the sessions, posters, and exhibitors of greatest personal interest, to build their own schedule, one that will quietly remind them of where they need to be next with maps for how to get there.
If you can imagine all this, you have envisioned an entirely paperless conference, enhanced with multimedia and social networking. You are beginning to understand the scope of Parliant's Conference Companion, running today on Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and iPad plus through Android and BlackBerry Mobile Web Browsers. It is a truly ubiquitous solution.

Before, during and after, meeting information is uploaded to our server then quietly provided to all devices at the conference so everyone has current information about bus schedules, room changes, press releases, presentation updates... you name it.

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A personal schedule report is organized into four categories:
  • Scheduled Events which have a time and place and floor plan associated with each item.
  • Unscheduled events which are items to do but which have no place or time associated. e.g. e-posters
  • Exhibitors to see. These have no time associated but do have a place and floor plan associated with each item.
  • Personal Items which can be anything "to do' or "to meet"

While perusing the program, attendees can mark sessions or posters of interest. They can do the same while searching the exhibitors database. They can create and add their own events. All of the above are collected into a personal schedule which can be filtered, reported and modified at any time.

This schedule quietly guides attendees to where they need to be with maps on how to get there. It answers the following questions:
  • "Where should I be right now?
  • Where do I go next?"
  • "I'm in the exhibit hall. Is there anything near me that I wanted to see?"
  • "I have a few minutes until my next meeting. What unscheduled events such as posters did I have on my list that I can cover in that time?"
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Imagine posting Facebook status updates or accessing the conference Twitter feed.

Daily News is posted on every device by event organizers through a simple powerful web page. Now pictures from receptions, major announcements or other newsworthy multimedia postings can be in everyone's hands in minutes.
By registering for your meeting, attendees, speakers, and organizers become a member of an exclusive social network. Without giving away anyone's external contact information, registrants can connect to any other registrant or speaker.
Automate your conference and trade show operations and "go green" by producing an entirely paperless meeting.

Each conference we do saves a few hundred trees along with the associated chemicals and waste in land fill sites. You will be accomplishing substantive, measurable good for our communities, locally and globally. Save trees by not preparing and printing volumes of documents that are only of short-term value.
Everything you used to print, warehouse, ship, distribute then clean up; all schedules, maps, proceedings, handouts, press releases, shuttle schedules, vendor product brochures, Addendum s, inserts etc. are now in a handheld device.

That 70% of all show and product literature left in hotel rooms before attendees return home, is a thing of the past.
Conference Companion, is a single comprehensive solution, offering the industry's most exhaustive and flexible feature-set to service your most demanding congresses. Our solution goes well beyond online registration to become the backbone of your event. Because show data is locally stored on a handheld device, it is immune to the risks of network performance or availability.

We make you look good.
You can select from our extensive feature set, only those capabilities of interest to you,thus changing our application's main menu. You can also change the apps look and feel to match your organizations color scheme. The result is an application that appears to come from your organization.

Our objective is to have you viewed as a trail blazer in your industry, providing better meetings with enhanced services. After all, we build our reputation by helping you build yours.

Increase Sponsor and Advertising Revenue
With a little planning it can pay for itself by increasing advertising and sponsorship revenues and reducing printing, shipping, drayage, and disposal costs of literature.
Some deadlines just aren't.
Presenters, researchers, and peers can update material before, during and after the conference, if you choose to permit it.

Imagine replacing the hotel door drops of "What’s on today" with bulk e-messages and a "event news". Conference organizers can, through a web browser, compose and post multi-media reports and announcements to everyone’s handheld devices.

News as it happens
News is posted on every device by event organizers through a simple powerful web page. Now pictures from receptions, major industry announcements, press releases or other newsworthy multimedia postings can be in everyone's hands in minutes. Meeting planners might choose to increase advertising revenue by intermixing real news with paid announcements ensuring regular readership by your attendees.
At the rate knowledge is changing, old methods for delivery of speaker content just don't cut it any more. Speakers love the ability to revise and distribute their presentations and videos any time before, during and after the meeting, with your approval of course.

Exhibitors no longer need to hand out printed literature, their company listing and description are keyword searchable on every device.

Company listings can have several electronic product brochures attached. Exhibitors love that their literature is already in the hands of every attendee. They have but to point it out.

Attache product brochures anywhere from a single html or PDF document with a few pages of print, to a multi-paged mini-web site on our device which includes animation and video.

Attendees can add exhibitors they find interesting to their personal schedules which serves as a reminder of booths that they have not yet visited, as well as a reminder of relationships built during the meeting.

Trade show organizers have been very creative in monetizing "deluxe" exhibitor packages.

Sponsors and Advertisers
Multimedia advertising can be tastefully integrated into the regular operation of the application and can provide added “drill-down” information for interested attendees.

Show organizers typically charge advertisers a premium and still sell out all available slots.

Advertisers will have their content available and visible throughout the year, as attendees continue to use the application.

Data is collected on how often exhibitors and advertisers material is used by attendees.
You have expended tremendous effort and money to put together the best program possible but it may be a bit overwhelming for attendees to choose the best sessions and vendors for them.

Many attendees say the program is too large to read through entirely. The result is too many times attendees discover on Thursday that a session of great personal interest occurred on Tuesday.

Conference Companion’s provides a single collection point for all operational information any conference attendee, speaker, presenter, moderator, panelist or exhibitor would need to accomplish their objectives.

With Conference Companion advanced tools, attendees can easily and thoroughly search your program for exactly the sessions and products they are interested in.
Once found attendees can add the sessions, papers, meetings and vendors to their schedule for follow through. Then they are reminded and guided to the events.

With Conference Companion your attendees are better organized, more focussed, and guided to be at the right place at the right time, ensuring they get the most possible out of your extensive offerings. This more effective use of their time ensures a happy, repeat customer.

If organizers choose to permit it, throughout the year, speakers can update their multimedia presentations to reflect what was actually presented, with corrections or as new information or ideas become available.

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