Conference Organizers

Parliant's Conference Companion team has a long history of working productively with suppliers and vendors to help realize customer goals. Parliant stands ready to work with your conference suppliers to help make your conference a complete success. Parliant can work with not only your own team but also all vendors in your supply chain, including IT/Networking, outsourced registration and membership services, trade show services and the conference center itself to ensure that your Conference Companion solution works flawlessly for attendees.

Depending on customer needs, Parliant can

- Work with IT and networking staff or consultants to advise on wireless network capacity and infrastructure requirements
- Work with your meetings, registration and membership staff (or contractors) to get your conference data into the application
- Work with the trade show management to ensure an attractive listing experience for exhibitors
- Work with your sales team to ensure a strong advertising experience
- Work with your organizers and the conference center to provide top-notch maps and facilities information

Conference Centers and Service Providers

If you are a conference center or a provider of conference-related services, consider the benefits of partnering with Parliant to include Conference Companion as part of the services you provide to meeting organizers. Parliant and its team have a long history of working cooperatively with other vendors to provide a seamless product experience for customers.

Conference Companion's attendee-focussed features make a great complement to the products and services provided by outsourced trade show, registration and membership vendors as well as conference centers.

Contact Parliant if you think that Conference Companion would make a great addition to the services you provide to conference planners.